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Archival film night! 1970s childcare activism in London and NYC

2024-04-23 18:30 - 20:30 @ MayDay Rooms


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Archival film night! 1970s childcare activism in London and NYC

Assembling together a variety of short documentary films from the 1970s, this event will highlight the often overlooked politics of and experiments with collective childcare historically and what reflections or questions it raises for today. This will be followed by an open and collective discussion around the significance and strategies of these actions and histories, particularly in relation to ongoing and current struggles such as those of the Post-Pandemic Childcare Coalition and others.

We'll be showing (clips from) the following films and will also have additional archival materials from Mayday Rooms available to browse and learn more -- all are welcome!

  • Childcare: People's Liberation (1970, 20 min): documenting and promoting community run childcare centers community in NYC

  • One, Two, Three (1975, 33 min): the story of the Children's community Centre at Dartmouth Park Hill, London

  • 'If the good Lord had intended. presented by The Rydevale Community Nursery ' (~30min): made with the Community Programme Unit for Open Door

Organized in collaboration with On the Record's "Grow Your Own" oral history project on London childcare organizing past and present -- check out their other upcoming events!

And co-sponsored by the Third World Newsreel and with thanks to the London Community Video Archive -- which both have amazing film archives to check out!

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